Nalu Wave Logonalu. 1. nvi. Wave, surf; full of waves; wavy as wood grain. Ke nalu nei ka moana, the ocean is full of waves. 2. vt. To ponder, meditate, reflect, mull over, speculate.

Welcome to the updated Nalu Music website. I’ve added some new features—a single page online store for easy navigation and checkout, reinstated interactive pages to allow comments and feedback from friends old and new, and most exciting, added a blog for discussion about the ukulele, its players and history.

When I was searching for an appropriate name for my business in 2001, the Hawaiian word nalu seemed like a good fit. Its principal meaning—wave—was appropriate for a website celebrating an instrument created from beautiful Hawaiian woods that lured and enchanted unwary millions with waves of sound, and whose succeeding eras of popularity are fondly remembered today as “waves.” With the institution of my weblog Ho‘o Nalu, I can finally invest in the second meaning of the word nalu: to ponder, meditate, etc.

Please take a few moments to explore the sidebar where you can find links to the Nalu Music Store, the Nalu Music Classic website, Ho‘o Nalu weblog and some familiar favorites. Thanks for riding the wave.

John King

Recent additions

Aloha ‘Oe arranged for voice with ‘ukulele accompaniment.

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