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NALU music

Nunes machete and Cabral Estudos

Machete body, unvarnished two-piece top of spruce[?], pin bridge with turned bone bridge-pins. Inlaid palisander or til pediment mirrors the scrolled ornament at the base of the rosewood or til fingerboard.

Closeup of bridge with brass fret-wire saddle. The moustaches are onlaid oak branches with leaves and acorns carved from palisander or til. Turned bone end pin.

Rosette and label.

Back and sides of cade (juniperus oxycedrus)[?], neck of chestnut[?], case of vinhatico[?].

Estudos para Machete
Manoel Joaquim Monteiro Cabral
Manuscript, ca. 1850, fol. 1v. and 2.
The only surviving method book for the Madeiran machete.

Machete tuning.

Estudos, fo1. 4.

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